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COTTO porcelain series was developed with inspiration coming from the fired soil of the Mediterranean rim. 
COTTO Sabbia
For centuries, civilizations formed clay by hand into multiple form and shapes. Sun baked at first, then oven baked to have a durable cladding for walls and floors. COTTO development took a snapshot of the 3 popular colors of this application, Terra- natural red clay color, Sabbia- Elements of stone, warm sand color clays, Calce- Lime wash surface effect of COTTO. Made in Italy. 

Stocking Sizes

2 3/8” x 10” Field Tile
12” x 12” Field Tile
2” x 12” Surface Bullnose Trim 

Package Details

12” x 12” – 14ea (14SF)/box. 48boxes/pallet. Weight: 5lbs/SF 
2 3/8” x 10” – 34ea (5,576SF)/box. 48boxes/pallet. Weight: 5lbs/SF 
2" 12" Surface Bullnose Trim are sold by the piece. 
 * All sizes are quoted nominal as industry standard. 


Applications: Residential , Light & Heavy Commercial, Bath & Shower, Indoor & Outdoor , Wall & Floor 

Material Facts: Stain & Fade Resistant, Low maintenance, 
Installation: Use a high bond property thinset adhesive system suitable for porcelain tile setting. Tiles are non-rectified. Allow a min. 1/16” or 1/8” of your choice  grout joint. V5- High variation item. Ensure a dry layout to blend the tiles to owners/buyers approval. 
Care: When necessary, use non abrasive, neutral detergent 
diluted with water. 

Technical Properties

Type: Glazed Porcelain 
Variation: V5 - High Variation 
Thickness: 5/16” 
Coefficient of Friction: DCOF > 0.42 (SLIP RESISTANCE) 
Frost Resistance: Yes