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Aura, is a manifestation of a true new marble, shades of white, off white and super light grey, with sporadic, non-directional, non-veined, but contrasting color movement. A topography of neutral, light tones harmoniously blended.

Stocking Sizes

3" x 12"
12" x 24"
Basketweave mosaic
3/4" x 12" Trecia Moulding piece

Package Details

Tiles are sold by the square foot, trims are by the piece and mosaics are by the sheet ( 1 sheet approx 1 SF ).
3" x 12"  and Mosaics are packed in boxes , 10SF and 10 sheets respectively. 
12" x 24" tiles are packed loose in wooden crates. Soft Edges should be anticipated due to various handling of the wooden crates from the manufacturing plant, various ports and finally by the government , here at Long Beach. This can be easily corrected aesthetically with grout upon installation and should be accepted as normal.


Installation: Aura has a true marble body structure. For that reason, it is absolutely necessary to use white color thinset adhesive only for installation. Please follow TCNA guidelines for installation and making sure all moisture barrier systems are established when installing Aura in wet areas. Sealing has to be done prior to installation and after grouting. 
Aura 12” x 24” x ½” tiles may have partial epoxy resin coating on the back. This is being applied during production to reinforce the material structurally. Use a high bond property modified, quality brand thinset. 
 Light color limestones or marbles needs to be maintained for heavy traffic areas. An impregnating sealer for the pores and a surface sealer to protect the finish is recommended.

Applications:  Interior- Walls, Floors, Vanities, Fireplace, Staircases Flooring- Residential, Light Commercial

Care: Clean marble surfaces regularly. When necessary, use non-abrasive, natural detergent diluted with water or a quality brand pre-mix marble cleaner