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FIO porcelain collection is intricately finished to mimic the touch & feel of popular fabric weaves. 
In 12” x 24” size, each of the four colors are a available in a specific unique texture: Linen WHITE, Velvet ECRU, Corduroy GREY, and Leather BLACK. In the 6” x 6” size, each INDIVIDUAL color comes with a blend of the 4 textures, packed in the same box. 

Stocking Sizes

12” x 24" (One color with one unique texture as shown in the same box) 
6” x 6” MIX (One color with 4 different textures in the same box) 
3" x 24" Surface Bullnose Trim
2" x 2" Mesh-Mounted Mosaic 

Package Details

  • FIO 12" x 24" is sold in full box quantity at 12SF/box (6pieces).
  • FIO 6" x 6" comes in 4 different textures/color in the box and sold in full box quantity at 7.50SF/box (30 pieces).
  • Mesh-Mounted Mosaic and Surface Bullnose are sold by the piece.
* All sizes are quoted nominal as industry standard. 


Applications: Residential, Light & Heavy Commercial, Bath & Shower, Indoor & Outdoor, Wall & Floor 

Material Facts:Stain & Fade Resistant, Low maintenance, Eco-Friendly. 

Installation: Use a high bond property thinset adhesive system suitable for porcelain tile setting. Tiles are rectified and mono-caliber. Allow a min. 1/16” or 1/8” of your choice grout joint.

Variation: V1-  No variation item. Ensure a dry layout to blend the tiles to owners/buyers approval. 

Care: When necessary, use non abrasive, neutral detergent diluted with water. 

Technical Properties

Type: Glazed Porcelain 
Variation: V1 - No Variation 
Thickness: 3/8” 
Coefficient of Friction: DCOF > 0.42 (SLIP RESISTANCE) 
Frost Resistance: Yes