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Viva series is a porcelain body tile with a contemporary glaze and modularity. Viva has an extruded porcelain body structure which allows for floor application as well.
VIVA Carbon
VIVA Ceniza
VIVA Blanco
VIVA Sillon
The extrusion process is employed in order to achieve a hand crafted feel while maintaining the contemporary look. Expect slight variations is shade size and finish. Made in Spain.

Stocking Sizes

2” x 8” Glossy Field Tile (All Colors)
3" x 9" Matte Field Tile (White Only)
3" x 9" Matte Sillon Deco (White Only)
4" x 16" Glossy Field Tile (Carbon, Ceniza)
5/8" x 12" Demi Bullnose (All Colors)

Package Details

VIVA 2” x 8” is sold in full box quantity at 3.3333SF per box (30 pieces).
VIVA 3" x 9" is sold in full box quantity at 9.375SF per box (50 pieces).
VIVA 4" x 16" is sold in full box quantity at 6.22SF per box (14 pieces).
VIVA 5/8" x 12" Demi Bullnose is sold by the piece. 


Applications: Interior walls, exterior walls, residential oors, and light foot traffic commercial floors.
Installation: Follow the methods TCNA set forward for preparation and installation. Use white color thin set, non sanded grout with a minimum 1/16” of a joint. Shade and size variation are inherent for all red ceramic and porcelain body wall tiles. Please do the neces- sary blending and inspect the tiles to determine appropriate grout joint prior to installation. For wet areas, moisture barriers have to be established.
Care: Clean with nonabrasive, neutral detergent or mild soapy water. Allow adequate ventilation in wet areas.