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Panal series emphasizes a group of popular geometric shapes in a monochromatic color scheme.
All the items in the Panal series are porcelain, which is suitable for walls and residential floors. The extrusion method is employed during production in order to achieve a hand crafted feel while maintaining the contemporary look. Due to the nature of the production process, slight variations in shade, size, and surface finish should be anticipated. Made in Spain.

Stocking Sizes

PANAL PROVENZAL - 2.5"x4" (available in Blanco & Gris colors only)

Also available in:
PANAL HEXAGON -  6"x7" (available in all colors: Blanco, Gris, Carbon & Cielo)
PANAL CHEVRON - 3"x7" Left and Right Pieces (available in Blanco, Gris & Carbon colors only)

Package Details

  • PANAL 2.5" x 4" PROVENZAL is sold in full box quantity of 4.386 SF per box (60 pieces).


Applications: Interior walls only.
Installation: Follow the methods TCNA set forward for preparation and installation. Use white color thin set, non sanded grout with a minimum 1/16th or 1/8th of a joint. Non-rectified shape, size and shade  are always inherent with the extruded porcelain. Please do the necessary blending and inspect the tiles to determine appropriate grout joint prior to installation. For wet areas, moisture barriers have to be established.
Care: Clean with nonabrasive, neutral detergent or mild soapy water. Allow adequate ventilation in wet areas.